Talk by Dr. Ahmed Naglah

CMI Lab’s post-doctoral associate, Dr. Ahmed Naglah, delivered a virtual talk to the Banff Foundation Digital Pathology Working Group on May 25th, 2023. The talk concerned the role of generative AI in the field of digital pathology and computational pathology. Dr. Naglah began with an overview of AI approaches for analyzing whole slide images and how generative AI can support the different methodologies for analysis, whether classification-, detection-, or segmentation-based. The second part of his talk concerned image-to-image translation in the field of generative AI and how we can utilize this to estimate the unseen imaging modalities such as histology, IHC, fluorescence, or spatial omics towards enhanced assessment. In relation to this, Dr Naglah presented his methodology (Naglah et. al. 2022), which showed how to leverage AI-generated virtual trichrome to enhance the fibrosis assessment in liver histopathology.

The Banff Foundation for Allograft Pathology (BFAP) is an organization dedicated to improving the understanding of transplant-related diseases. It is comprised of pathologists, researchers, scientists, and technologists specializing in transplantation and digital imaging technology and experts in the field of transplant pathology, digital pathology and related disciplines. Within BFAP, the Digital Pathology Working Group focuses on the application of digital imaging technology in pathology, and aims to explore and promote the use of digital pathology in transplantation by evaluating its utility, developing guidelines for slide interpretation, and investigating the potential of artificial intelligence. By collaborating with industry partners, software developers, and representatives from healthcare organizations, their work aims to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of transplant pathology diagnoses, leading to improved patient outcomes, and advancing the field of transplant pathology. To this end, the Digital Pathology Working Group invites scholars to present at their bi-monthly meetings.

Link to the talk