Innovative Approach to Interdisciplinary Training in Computational Pathology

The abstract “Bridging Cell Biology and Engineering Sciences: Interdisciplinary Team-based Training in Computational Pathology” authored by CMIL Ph.D. students Myles Joshua Tan, Akshita Gupta, and Jamie Fermin, was presented by Dr. Yulia Strekalova in the Translational Science 2023 Conference, held at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC, April 18-20, 2023.

The abstract outlined a novel approach to teaching cell-type identification to master’s and Ph.D. students from diverse backgrounds, including electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, and cell biology. It emphasized the importance of interdisciplinary training in computational medical sciences and highlighted the potential for team-based mentoring and skill development. The authors envision expanding the implementation of this approach to include undergraduate learners while providing opportunities for graduate students to engage in near-peer mentoring.

This abstract was published online by Cambridge University Press on April 24, 2023.