HIVE Year 2 funding

Thrilled to share that we secured Year 2 of funding ($1.5M) to be part of HuBMAP! Our team is hard at work developing cutting-edge computational spatialbiology tools for clinical translation within the HIVE. Exciting times ahead as HuBMAP continues to map the human body!

The NIH HuBMAP (Human BioMolecular Atlas Program) Consortium aims to create a comprehensive 3D map of human tissues at singlecell resolution as well as the tools needed to advance our understanding of human health and disease at the cellular level.

Dr. Sarder serves as a HIVE Principle investigator, dedicated to advancing all HIVE and HuBMAP work. Our lab connects mechanistic spatial molecular information of the human body with histopathology, with a focus to open a clinical translational gateway.

The data integrating histology and spatialomics is complex and we are making our best effort to progress, and understand, this science forward.

The CMI Lab HIVE is funded by the NIH’s OT2mechanism, so funding is determined year to year per a HIVE’s progress. The UF CMI Lab is grateful to the NIH and HuBMAP for their $1.5M in funding for the next year which allows us to contribute towards their excellent work.