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Sumanth Devarasetty

2024 Spring Break Research Experience

The CIMAP laboratory at the University of Florida is now welcoming applications for the 2024 Spring Break Research Experience. This is a remote 5-day internship that will take place over Spring Break from March 11th-March 15th 2024; a laptop is required to take part. This experience is targeted toward juniors and seniors interested in learning how to perform cell imaging techniques or learning about the role of policy in AI technology. A $300 stipend is also offered for all participants. Please note this internship is only open to US citizens/permanent residents.

PhD Student Nicholas Lucarelli’s Research to Feature on Kidney 360 Cover

We're proud to announce that Nicholas Lucarelli, a PhD student in our lab, has made a significant breakthrough in kidney research. His paper, "Correlating Deep Learning-Based Automated Reference Kidney Histomorphometry with Patient Demographics and Creatinine," has been chosen for the cover of the December 2023 issue of Kidney 360.

AI-Enhanced Kidney Transplant Research Receives $2.8M Grant

CMIL has secured a $2.8 million grant for a five-year project to advance kidney transplants using artificial intelligence (AI). The goal is to create AI models that predict and optimize kidney transplant outcomes, potentially reducing rejections.

Bergen Meeting of Nephrology

Dr. Sarder is honored to present twice at this year’s Bergen Meeting of Nephrology! He will be representing UF and UF_IC3 to showcase work from the CMIL on our ‘Cloud-based AI analysis suite for kidney pathology’ and ‘Segmentation of kidney structures’.

HIVE Year 2 funding

Thrilled to share that we secured Year 2 of funding ($1.5M) to be part of HuBMAP! Our team is hard at work developing cutting-edge computational spatialbiology tools for clinical translation within the HIVE. Exciting times ahead as HuBMAP continues to map the human body!

CMI Lab’s HuBMAP interns Present Summer Projects during National NIH Symposium

The Computational Microscopy Imaging (CMI) Laboratory’s two NIH HuBMAP Interns, Lin Xu, an undergraduate at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA), and Julio Maragal, an undergraduate at Santa Fe College (Gainesville, FL), took center stage and presented their summer research projects during HuBMAP’s 2023 Summer Internship Virtual Poster Symposium.

Lin Xu joins the HIVE CIMAP project

Virginia Tech student, Lin Xu, joins the HIVE CIMAP project as a summer intern. Lin is from Washington DC and is currently an undergraduate student in Nanomedicine. We are very excited to have Lin on board!