PodoSighter is a cloud-based tool for automated, label-free podocyte detection and three-dimensional quantification from periodic acid-Schiff-stained histologic sections.  The cloud based instance is available via our HistoCloud portal.  All the codesWSIs, trained models, video tutorial, as well as a docker image to set a user friendly cloud instance of the tool are made available for the community.

Podosighter plugin on the cloud. 
Podosighter plugin on the cloud. 


  • Running Podosighter

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D. Govind, J. U. Becker, J. Miecznikowski, A. Rosenberg, J. Dang, P. L. Tharaux, R. Yacoub, F. Thaiss, P. F. Hoyer, D. Manthey, B. Lutnick, A. M. Worral, I. Mohammad, V. Walavalkar, J. E. Tomaszewski, K. Y. Jen, and P. Sarder, “PodoSighter: A cloud-based tool for label-free podocyte detection in kidney whole slide images,” Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, vol. 32, no. 11, pp. 2795-2813, Nov. 2021.

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