PEDP Summer Research Experience

The Computational Image Analysis Platform (CIMAP) summer research experience from CMIL is offered in direct partnership with the NIH. It is a 10-week summer experience that promotes entry into STEM graduate degree programs. 

Using the team science research training model and HuBMAP tutorials, webinars and data science tools, students will experience discovery research and gain exposure to the fields of data science, image analysis, and an atlas of a human ‘reference’ system at the single cell level. 

Students receive mentoring from Dr. Pinaki Sarder (AI and machine learning), and Dr. Levites Strekalova (health services and research translation). In summer 2023, they were also teamed by Dr. John Tomaszewski (computational pathology and cell biology), Dr. Sanjay Jain (spatial omics).

Integrating collaborative research and targeted professional development within this summer research internship is a powerful approach to increasing the diversity of the biomedical data science workforce. This holistic training experience expects to hone key professional skills and incorporate activities that promote self-discovery and wellness, increasing the likelihood that students will pursue a STEM career pathway. 

Check out the HuBMAP 2023 Summer Internship Weekly Calendar

Click on the link below to sign up for the HIVE academic enrichment sessions for the 2023 HuBMAP Undergraduate Summer Research Experience.​

This 10-week undergraduate academic enrichment curriculum, which takes place over Zoom, will allow you to strengthen your academic skills and build up your academic portfolio.

Presentations by Summer 2023 trainees