Plan for Enhancing Diverse Perspectives (pedp)

The Computational Image Analysis Platform (CIMAP) team is one of the HuBMAP Integration, Visualization, Engagement (HIVE) teams. We are committed to enhancing diverse perspectives through a holistic and integrated lens of inclusivity. We recognize the need for an interdisciplinary workforce and skills development to fulfill the goals of HuBMAP as well as CMIL in general. Toward this goal, we offer both spring and summer research experiences to undergraduate students. 

Dr. Yulia Levites Strekalova and Dr. Pinaki Sarder lead this effort and employ an innovative translational science teams model. Our program integrates demographic and disciplinary diversity.  

As part of the HIVE project, we recruit interns each year. Our interns are primarily undergraduate students with a background in engineering, mathematics, biostatistics, biology, physics, bioethics, or health sciences. 

We focus on recruiting students from diverse and disadvantaged backgrounds, such as those from minority racial and ethnic groups and American Indians/Native Americans; groups that have been historically underrepresented in the STEM workforce. We also recruit students who are disadvantaged socioeconomically, who are from rural communities, who are the first in their generation to attend college, or who have limited access to STEM opportunities.  

The design of our research internship is informed by the work conducted by the NIGMS-funded Diversity Program Consortium. Our efforts will focus on the Nurture (early undergraduate) and Inspire (late undergraduate) stages of engagement in biomedical research.


02/20/2024 The CIMAP laboratory at the University of Florida is now welcoming applications for the 2024 Spring Break Research Experience. This is a remote 5-day internship that will take place over spring break from March 11th-March 15th 2024. For more information please check out this page

05/30/2023 Santa Fe student, Julio Maragall, joins the HIVE CIMAP project as a summer intern. We are very excited to have Julio on board!

05/30/2023 Virginia Tech student, Lin Xu, joins the HIVE CIMAP project as a summer intern. Lin is from Washington DC and is currently an undergraduate student in Nanomedicine. We are very excited to have Lin on board! 

05/30/2023 CMIL presents an innovative approach to interdisciplinary training in Computational Pathology at Translational Science 2023.

05/16/2023 Dr. Ahmed Naglah and Dr. Sayat Mimar presented UF_IC3’s efforts to educate undergrads to leverage machine learning in medicine as part of the NIH’s PEDP program for underrepresented STEM majors.

August 04, 2023

Julio Maragall’s Presentation

CMIL’s NIH HuBMAP Intern, Julio Maragall, an undergraduate at Santa Fe College (Gainesville, FL), took center stage and presented his summer research project during HuBMAP’s 2023 Summer Internship Virtual Poster Symposium


August 04, 2023

Lin Xu’s Presentation

CMIL’s NIH HuBMAP Intern, Lin Xu, an undergraduate at Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA), took center stage and presented her summer research project during HuBMAP’s 2023 Summer Internship Virtual Poster Symposium