Postdoctoral Associate

Job Description:

Computational Microscopy Imaging Lab led by Dr. Pinaki Sarder in the Department of Medicine at the University of Florida is seeking a highly creative and motivated postdoctoral researcher. The candidate will work on applying cutting-edge techniques in data science to study cellular and molecular microenvironment in tissues from diverse organ systems using spatial omics and microscopy imaging data. Job will also involve integrating the results and spatial omics and microscopy data in user friendly web visualization interface, and ensure that the user experience and user interfaces of our tools meet the needs of a diverse stakeholders. Work will include detection, segmentation, and quantification of micro and macro anatomical structures in tissues, predictive modeling of diseases, as well as image and molecular omics data fusion, scalable data visualization, while ensuring accurate quality control and assurance of data as well as data standardization and maintaining best practices for software development. Work may involve conducting user experience survey of the developed visualization tool. Successful candidate should have background in computation, data science, and machine learning. Strong graphic design skills and experience in creating visual identities will be a plus. The candidate will write progress reports, contribute to research manuscripts, and attend conference meetings. The successful candidate will have access to many opportunities for collaborative research at one of the leading and vibrant medical schools in the USA.

Qualifications: PhD in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering or in a related field

Desired skills: Proficient in Digital & Computational Pathology, AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Image Processing, Computer Programming in Python, Graphic Design, and UI/UX design.

If you are interested, please upload

  1. Your updated CV.
  2. A cover letter describing your past research experience, career goals, and future research interests.
  3. Contact information of three references.

Expected Salary

Commensurate with experience.