Laboratory Personnel

Our laboratory is deeply integrated in the innovative research and teaching carried out by the Department of Medicine’s Section for Quantitative Health. We use AI as a vehicle to integrate cutting-edge image science, spatial biology, clinical science, basic research, and engineering. Our AI faculty members also participate in graduate biomedical and medical programs. As part of this effort, Dr. Sarder is seeking motivated trainees or students to join his research group and focus on our novel research direction.



PhD Students


Harishwar Reddy

Research: AI for Healthcare, Machine learning, Secure and Trustworthy AI, Image Processing


Data & Project Management

Web & User Training

Undergraduate Trainees


Lin Xu Undergraduate Student, Summer 2023 ––
Daniel Giraldo Undergraduate Student, Summer 2023 Now working with Arthrex, UF Integrated Product & Process Design program
Neil Kavthekar Master’s Student, 2020-21 Now Data Scientist, New York Presbyterian Hospital
Brandon Ginley OPS Student, 2015-16, Ph.D. Student, 2016-21, Post-Doctoral Research Associate, 2021-22 Now Data Scientist, Johnson & Johnson
Brendon Lutnick OPS Student, 2015-16, Ph.D. Student, 2016-21 Now Data Scientist, Johnson & Johnson
Darshana Govind Ph.D. Student, 2016-21 Now Data Scientist, Johnson & Johnson
Kathryn Maraszek Undergraduate Student, 2019-20 Now Ph.D. Student, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
Avinash K Shashiprakash Master’s Student, 2018-20 Now Data Scientist, Caterpillar Inc.
Leema K Murali Master’s Student, 2018-20 Now Machine Learning Engineer, Eisai Pharmaceuticals
Siddhartha Dhiman Graduate Student, 2017-18 Senior Software Engineer at Flywheel
Olivier Simon Research Associate, 2017 Founder of LavaRad LLC